Let’s make travel responsible and sustainable

We at IMT believe that unforgettable holiday memories make life happier. We know that travel leaves a footprint, but we are committed to minimizing the load to environment by making sustainable decisions every day.

The world is full of incredible places and people. It’s important to understand and learn from each other. This increases the respect and understanding between us. We can all make good decisions for a better tomorrow.

Our values

Courage 💚 We are not afraid to make mistakes, they make us want to be better. We wish to bring our customers unforgettable travel memories. To us, future is a chance to do something new and exiting.
Fairness 💚 We have heart. Integrity is in the core of everything we do. Mutual trust is a key element when working with our partners and clients.
Passion 💚 We love to help our clients to see and experience more. To us world is a place full of wonders.